• What Is Gold Vermeil Plating? Gold vermeil is jewelry is made of a sterling silver base metal that has been chemically electroplated to bind a thin layer of 18-karat or 24-karat gold to the surface of the metal giving the jewelry a beautiful highly reflective gold-tone finish. 
  • Electroplating Process. Using electroplated chemical bath we bind a thin layer of microscopic ions of gold metal to the surface of the base metal creating a beautiful even layer of gold.
  • How Long Will The Plating Last? Please note that the gold plating is a surface treatment can last many years, however, it may wear off over time revealing the underlying base metal. It is important to take extra care when wearing your plated jewels. The lifespan of the plating depends on how the piece is worn and how it is cared for. We advise that you remove your plated jewelry when not being worn and before doing any type of manual labor. Carefully store your jewels in a soft lined jewelry box when doing any type of manual activities to avoid scratching or damage to the plating. 
  • Please Wear With Extra Care. Plated jewelry is delicate and requires extra care. Please take care to keep your plated jewelry away from heat, abrasive surfaces, sharp objects that may cause scratching, as well as water and moisture. Take care not to rub your plated jewels on rough textiles such as leather and denim, as this may rub off or damage the plating. Always keep plated jewelry dry. Keep away from all liquids such as water, lotions, oils, perfumes, alcohol, acetone, hand sanitizers, hair products, makeup, and chemical cleaners, etc... Exposure to liquids can weaken, damage, and may eventually even remove the plated surface treatment.
  • Is Gold Vermeil Jewelry Waterproof? NO. Always keep your plated jewelry dry. The gold plated finish is a fragile surface treatment and is not waterproof like solid gold jewelry. Plated jewelry should always be kept dry. Please do take off your plated jewelry before showering, going to the beach, pool or spa, washing dishes, exercising, etc... If you want waterproof jewelry, we recommend investing in 18-karat gold jewelry.
  • Avoid Exposure To Hand Sanitizers. Please keep your hands clean but avoid exposing your jewelry to hand sanitizers and chemical disinfectants. These liquids contain chemicals that can eat away at precious metals, plating, and may also cause irreversible damage your gemstones - especially pearls. Take off your jewelry before applying hand sanitizers and chemical disinfectants. 
  • Will Gold Vermeil Plating Tarnish? Plated jewelry may tarnish over time due to oxidation from normal exposure to air and the natural acids and oils on the surface of the skin - unfortunately this is normal wear. Only solid gold jewelry 14-karat gold and higher will not tarnish. You can however, can help prevent premature tarnishing by storing your gold vermeil jewelry in an airtight ziplock bag when not being worn. If you want jewelry that will never tarnish, we recommend investing in 18-karat gold jewelry. 
  • How Do I Clean My Gold Vermeil Plated Jewelry? Simply wipe clean with a soft dry, non-abrasive cloth to clean. Do not steam or use ultrasonic cleaners on plated jewelry. Do not polish your plated jewelry as this will remove the plating. Do not expose to water or other liquids such as hair products, makeup, lotions, and oils. Do not use cleaning chemicals. 
  • Store In Airtight Storage. Keep your plated jewelry stored in a dry airtight ziplock bag or inside an airtight jewelry box to help reduce tarnish.